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Presenting Van Trillo and Sam Suede



A fast-talking, no-nonsense detective duo with a difference: Trillo is a ventriloquist, and Suede is a dummy. Set in a place that looks very like the 1940's in New York City's Chinatown, Trillo and Suede grapple with an endless array of gangsters and grifters, murderers and misfits, spies and saps, con men and cops, politicians on the take and femmes fatales on the make, as they unravel each episode's suspense-filled mystery.


Think Roger Rabbit meets The Maltese Falcon in a film noir Never-never land populated by Dummies (instead of Toons) as well as your normal run-of-the-mill Bad Guys.


Hang on for a wisecracking culture-clashing ride as Trillo and Suede sort the wood from the trees in a world where the dummies are not always the biggest saps.


It's film noir through the eyes of the Marx Brothers. It's Charlie Chan meets Charlie McCarthy; Philip Marlowe meets the Muppets; Humphrey Bogart meets Edgar Bergen.. .except that Suede is tougher than Bogie, and Trillo (as played by real-life ventriloquist Jonathan Geffner) is a better ventriloquist than Edgar Bergen.


A colourful cast of both human and puppet characters cavort through a movie and each 60-minute episode.


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